Holly with paintbrush YP pic.JPG


Originally from London, Holly was trained by the BBC and worked as a make up artist for 26 years. Due to a rare genetic eye disorder, Retinitis Pigmentosa, she is registered legally blind by her condition. Now living in North Yorkshire, she has transferred her artistry from face to canvas and uses her instinctive understanding of colour, tone and shading as a professional artist.  

Holly’s impressionistic style derives from her lack of vision as she relies on her instinctive strokes to convey the the powerful imagery of her imagination. Holly Draws inspiration from the power and beauty of nature and water.

Since launching her art career, her work has received both local and nationwide media attention. Holly still has a few pieces on display to the public but the majority of her works are in private collections across the UK. Holly is currently pursuing opportunities to exhibit her art in galleries in both London and Edinburgh. Her work is also available online at the Saatchi gallery.